The new project


So I’ve been talking about this new project a fair bit lately, well tomorrow it kicks off the plan is to deposit £100 into a Betfair account and from there hopefully turn it into a fair bit more. I’ll be participating in this project with another guy who to be fair has more knowledge of the game so it will only benefit myself, he’s a good looking bloke aswell so I’ve attached a photo for you all.


As far as the blog goes, it’s quite possible we’ll either take over this one, I’ll let him post his random boring thoughts also or create another and blog about the project on their only, linking it with this one, no doubt I’ll have a few bets which the partner in crime doesn’t agree with. I’ll keep you informed regards that from tomorrow .. one thing the past month has told me is how useful these can be in limiting losses, I was never one to track every bet but now through the advent of the blog that’s something that’s become mandatory. It’s also handy as I’ve managed to get a few decent football related bets from other blogs so cheers for all the other blogs on the right! 

As for yesterday a loss of 0.65PT which was somewhat disappointing, red days are the norm but at least Duneen Dream managed to gets its nose infront to win the 7.50, which softened the blow. Off work for 5 nights from the morning so it will be nice to sit down and watch Doncaster and Meydan tomorrow with a few cans. Birthday parties on Sunday – I always seem to be at birthday parties! 

Will have some bets up for tomorrow later.


~ by Administrator on March 26, 2010.

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