Festival Downs

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Never bother backing anything at Festival Downs on B365! 

Got a bit bored today whilst having a few beers this morning, been working the past seven nights hence the need for Kronenbourg. From there I managed to back three jollies at Festival Downs and all three came second, quite amusing really. I also decided to have a rather wild accumulator bet involving 8 horses, needed 5 of them to win to return a profit needless to say only 4 came home first past the post. I think it’s fair to say today was a bit of a right off. Way it goes though, there’s a lesson somewhere involving finance and drinking. 

I’m going to take a few days off from the blog and betting in general, I will be going into partnership soon on a new venture on Betfair and until then I’m going to keep the powder dry. Just got to find some new boots to keep the missus happy. Ciao!

edit – like I lied!


Good day

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Well what a strange day.

Benny be Good wins 5/1 early price backed into 10/3

Lease Lend drifts from 11/4 to 9/2 wins

Gamesters Lady wins by a country mile at 8/11

Nearby a non runner and Overlaw beaten, still terrific stuff for once, I can hardly believe it. I’ve put a few bets on at Kempton tonight though they are all pretty long prices so don’t expect much of a return

  • 6.20 1PT WIN Lunar Limelight 11/4
  • 7.50 0.5PT WIN Kinky Afro 9/1 – I’d have taken this one e/w but annoyingly its a 7 runner race so just a small win bet, the favourite is a higher class but having it’s first run.
  • 8.50 1PT E/W Whodunit 5/1
  • 9.20 1PT E/W Louisade 7/1

Just to clarify with the 1PT Each Way bets this would mean 0.5 on the win and 0.5 on the each way. Good luck to all betting tonight and I hope you were on Benny be Good or Lease Lend!

edit – Kempton sucked! 6.7 Point profit on the day though, I just had to get this photo up it’s very rare to get a winner so even rarer to find a photo of one!

Painful stuff

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Okay so at long last I’ve updated the results page for March, I’ll be graphing it all at some stage – wait for the downward slope.

Cheltenham was as predicted a bit of a nightmare, the fact it took me until 4.40 on the Thursday when BallaBriggs used up all his reserves to win to notch my first win says it all. The only positive results really were that one, Soldatino and Dee ee Williams being placed at 33/1. Pretty disastrous really – but as I said the other it could have been so much better. If only The Package and Somersby had another 50 yards to run I’m certain both would have won and if only Hey Big Spender and Restless Harry had both stayed on their feet it’s possible they would have at least placed. The overall result at Cheltenham then was a loss of 11.03 Points which does sound pretty bad in the cold light of day.

The overall running total for March is also looking pretty bleak now with a loss on the overall month of 21.63 Points. The only saving grace is that by doing this blog thing I’m honest to myself with how much I’m down! Hey Hugh Taylor’s tips have been pretty average lately also so one has to remain positive.

I’d add yesterday’s personal selections were made a little beetter by the fact I had a few pounds on Newcastle beating Doncaster thanks to another blog. The only sad thing is I also had them in a double with Colchester so that negated the win from the single!

Today’s selections are below in what looks a pretty interesting day.

  • 2.30 2PT WIN Gamesters Lady
  • 2.40 1PT WIN Nearby
  • 3.50 1PT WIN Lease Lend 11/4
  • 4.25 2PT E/W Benny be Good 5/1
  • 4.50 2PT WIN Overlaw

Have a few I like at Kempton also, so I’ll post these up and prices taken on the above after getting some kip. Benny be Good is the Racing Post NAP today so 5/1 looks a decent price, I’d expect it to go off shorter it’s last outing was behind the impressive Double Expresso and there’s nothing of that standard in this race.

Kempton, Southwell and Exeter

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Must be three of the more fun places to visit! Anyhow had a look at the cards for today, mainly because yesterday lo and behold was a rare positive day with 3 winners from 5 and all three at evens or more, yay for Flaxen Lake who drifted out to 11/4 and returned a nice profit … I promise I’ll update totals today or tomorrow. I’m going to start graphing them soon also be a lot more visible that way.

  • 2.20 2PT WIN Samurai Way
  • 2.40 1PT E/W Calzaghe – depends on price on this whether it’s E/W if above 5/1 I’ll be taking the each way price.
  • 3.15 1PT WIN The Jazz Musician – I’m wary in this race of Qulinton as I’ve backed it profitably before, however it’s last run at Ffos Las was so dreadful I can’t have and as such will take it on.
  • 3.50 1PT WIN Sir Winston
  • 4.05 1PT E/W Dunaskin – again price dependent this one, will edit once early prices are up.
  • 4.15 2PT WIN King Brex
  • 5.10 1PT WIN Painted Sky

I’m also going to have a little bet on Newcastle tonight against Doncaster courtesy of a tip from another blog, I may also lay Ipswich at Plymouth at 4/6 for personal gain of course!

Best of luck to all playing today.

Photo time I feel ..

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Ok maybe not ..

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So I planned on taking a break, but then again I’ve changed my mind! I think what I need is more direction with the bets I’m putting on – today for instance I fancied Pollen and he was a nice early price yet I didn’t back it and miss out, almost as bad as a loser that one. I feel that my selections on the whole recently haven’t been too bad but again it all boils down to the P word – “profit”. I’ve been a lot more selective over the bets but feel I could still be even more so selective, mind I don’t really fancy spending an hour looking at the cards only to decide not to back anything. I’ve got to get wiser and mark selections down for future runs – take note of past form as such.

Anyways today I’ve been through the list and whittled it down to a dozen or so i liked, from there I’ve now whittled it down to the below.

  • 2.10 2PT WIN Dr Livingstone
  • 2.20 1PT WIN Top Flight Splash
  • 2.50 1PT WIN Flaxen Lake
  • 3.50 2PT WIN Srda
  • 4.30 2PT WIN Willandrich

Going to have a Canadian on that lot aswell, see how it goes.

Time for a break

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Going to recharge the batteries and try and come back afresh for the flat season and then the Aintree and Punchestown festivals. This last week has been hard on my wallet – or should I say balance – but the racing has been truly terrific. I watched today’s fare from Uttoxeter and it seemed a million miles away from Cheltenham.

It’s quite likely that I’ll be taking part in a little project with someone else soon also on Betfair perhaps revolving around trading and laying hopefully not just generally losing money. I’m still making too many thoughtless bets and just betting for the sake of it, if there’s any doubt regards a horse or I’m not confident then I ought to avoid the bet. Today was a good example of that the two on the flat I was confident over both and bar the photo in the 3.00 would have returned with both and a nice profit, however the Ballydub bet was more so a speculative one and as it proved a loser, needless to say the one horse I did fancy at Uttoxeter yesterday was Carrickmines and he won.

Looking at today’s racing it’s exactly that not a day to be confident off, there are a few I like but I’m not going to stick my neck out and consider backing them, no doubt they will win. The ones I like just for the sake of it 3.35 Ernst Blofield price sure to be short, 4.00 Forest Pennant though this is quite a tricky affair and 4.55 Wiesenfurst. So not backing any but we’ll see all three hose up now! I may though have a little nibble on Pollen in the 3.55 at the Curragh at a decent e/w price.