Ok maybe not ..

So I planned on taking a break, but then again I’ve changed my mind! I think what I need is more direction with the bets I’m putting on – today for instance I fancied Pollen and he was a nice early price yet I didn’t back it and miss out, almost as bad as a loser that one. I feel that my selections on the whole recently haven’t been too bad but again it all boils down to the P word – “profit”. I’ve been a lot more selective over the bets but feel I could still be even more so selective, mind I don’t really fancy spending an hour looking at the cards only to decide not to back anything. I’ve got to get wiser and mark selections down for future runs – take note of past form as such.

Anyways today I’ve been through the list and whittled it down to a dozen or so i liked, from there I’ve now whittled it down to the below.

  • 2.10 2PT WIN Dr Livingstone
  • 2.20 1PT WIN Top Flight Splash
  • 2.50 1PT WIN Flaxen Lake
  • 3.50 2PT WIN Srda
  • 4.30 2PT WIN Willandrich

Going to have a Canadian on that lot aswell, see how it goes.


~ by Administrator on March 22, 2010.

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