To recap – losing is fun!!

Been through my tips for the week. I will add up points and profits loss made. I made a loss on the week and March is becoming a tough old month. I did though have 2 ok days – Thursday and Friday weren’t bad although Tuesday could have been a hell of a lot better if Somerbsy and The Package had got up to win it was one of those nearly days. Wednesday was a disaster – though unless you plucked Peddlers Cross or Weapons Anmesty I think that’s the case for most people. Thursday actually wasn’t great but BallaBriggs did at least net me a winner.
Looking back I don’t actually think I did too bad some of my selections with a bit more luck could have run into a place or in the case of hey Big Spender had won. Restless Harry would have at least been placed and both Finian’s Rainbow and Easter Legend were only just shunted out. Tell Massini was one big dissapointment as was the highly fancied Alfie Sherrin. Worth noting though that I’ve not piled thousands onto the likes of Dunguib, Master Minded and Kauto Star or laid Binocular for 1000 on Betfair lmao fun and games.
I guess it goes to show how damn difficult Cheltenham is .. what was actually more gutting is that I needed French Opera to win the last to win a NAPs competition, yeah that hill saved me Thursday night but screwed me Friday. Still the best man won that ..


1.30 2PT E/W Soldatino – WON Returned 6/1 SP took 11/2 . I guess I was nervous when Barizan went so far clear, however if anyone was catching him Soldatino was, pretty glad I listened to tip off on this one. Best winner of the week for me personally.
2.05 1PT E/W Oldrik – LOST
2.05 1PT E/W Dee ee Williams – PLACED Returned 20/1 SP took 33/1. When Dee ee hit the lead two out I really couldn’t believe this, after a shocking week had a feeling it was all coming together, one of the better results of the week
2.40 3PT E/W Tell Massini – LOST – Not much to say, went off 100/30, was going well but then just faded and reportedly pulled up lame. The winner was beaten by Tell Massini by someway in November so it’s hard to tell.
2.40 1PT E/W Restless Harry – LOST – Gutted about this one. At least the horse got up ok I really thought 2 out it would win.
1.30 1PT E/W Hey Big Spender – LOST – Watching this race I could only see one winner and then HBS falls! Did look awesome until it fell, one to watch.
1.30 1PT WIN Kings Forest – LOST – Was it running?
2.05 1PT E/W Ainama – LOST – Didn’t seem to get the trip. Too much of a break perhaps. Perhaps a drop back in distance will help here.
2.05 1PT WIN Alfie Sherrin – LOST – Extremely dissapointing. Knew I should have ignored.
2.40 2PT WIN Poquelin – LOST – This race annoyed me. I knew I should have done Poquelin e/w fair play to Albertas Run who was tipped up in some places.
2.40 1PT WIN Barbers Shop – LOST – unlike Poqeulin ran no sort of race, very dissapointing.
2.40 1PT E/W Voy Por Ustedes – LOST – backed the wrong old timer.
3.20 1PT E/W Tidal Bay – LOST – Again another very dissapointing performance. The fact Time for Rupert ran so well puzzles me more as Tidal Bay should have confirmed form there. Still a masterclass from Big Bucks whatever. I should have just ignored the race and watched.
4.00 1PT E/W The Sawyer – LAST – Game but was only really praying for a sneak into the place. Albertas Run did lift my confidence for this one.
4.40 2PT E/W Ballabriggs – WON 9/1 – A lifesaver on Thursday, didn’t see the race until Friday and wow just wow. If he’d have been caught I have no idea what I’d have done.
7.20 2PT WIN Lucky Redback – LOST – late tip. Wish I’d not seen it.


1.30 1PT E/W Massasoit – LOST – ran below best
1.30 1PT E/W Abbeybraney – LOST – ditto
1.30 1PT E/W Noakarad de Verzee – LOST – had a sniff of a place, then hampered and tailed off 9th.
2.05 2PT E/W Finians Rainbow – LOST – Just too much class in this race. I think 3/4 in the Neptune will go on to big things. Reve de Sivola and Peddlers Cross especially. I wouldn’t give up on Finians Rainbow just yet mind.
2.40 2PT WIN Punchestowns – LOST – lost a shoe summed things up. Though I don’t think he’d have beaten Weapons Anmesty whatever. Glad I avoided Long Run
2.40 1PT E/W Burton Port – PLACED 12/1 – Great ride from McCoy and a battling run from the horse. Pleasing.
3.20 1PT E/W Twist Magic – LOST – shocking!!
3.20 1PT Combination Tricast – Master Minded/Kalahari King/Twist Magic – Summed up Wednesday.
4.00 2PT E/W Quantitiveasing – PLACED 8/1 – Thank B365 for paying 5th I guess.
4.00 1PT E/W Mamlook – LOST – nowhere
4.00 1PT E/W Sir Harry Ormesher – LOST – 7th, just goes to show how competitive things are.
4.40 1PT E/W Open Day – LOST – Sanctuaire hacked up and that was one of the most impressive winners of the week for me.
5.15 1PT E/W Shot from the Hip – LOST – the only positive was that I managed to get 13/2 and he went off 3/1. Fact is it ran no sort of race and pulled too early.
5.15 1PT E/W Al Ferof – PLACED 9/1 – Always one eh! Cue Card where did he come from.


1.30 1PT E/W Oscar Whisky – LOST – I think this form will stack up well. Get Me out of Here is a real progressive horse and this one the same. Dunguib is the new best thing? Well I’d certainly take 10/1 about next year’s Champion Hurdle on him that’s for sure.
2.05 2PT WIN Somersby – LOST – Gutting. No other words for it. Valiant run another 50 yards and it would have won. Sucked basically.
2.05 1PT E/W Sports Line – LOST – Clattered too many fences on the way round.
2.40 2PT E/W The Package – PLACED 6/1 – Even more gutting!!
2.40 1PT E/W Ogee – PLACED 10/1 – 2nd and 3rd is hard to take.
2.40 1PT E/W Razor Royale – LOST – fell i think
3.20 2PT WIN Go Native – My big nap of the day. Got a decent price I guess but ran no sort of race.
3.20 1PT E/W Zaynar – PLACED 10/1 – Chuffed with this one and at 10s a decent return.
4.00 2PT WIN Garde Champetre – LOST – Joke race should have ignored.
4.40 1PT E/W Easter Legend – LOST – 5th. Gutting.
Whilst I’m babbling on three bets for tomorrow.

  • 3.00 2PT WIN Greyfriorschorista 9/4
  • 3.15 1PT E/W Ballydub 9/1
  • 3.35 2PT WIN Tranquil Tiger 11/4


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