No bet today

Yesterday was pretty manic and one of those days in which you end up asking yourself questions over what your doing. I had to get a train mid afternoon around the time the racing kicked off. Thing with trains are they are somewhat dull if you don’t have a paper, book or can’t sleep so spent my time on the mobile internet. Checked the results of Edge of Town and Whooska and to see both lose by a length via the online ATR site nearly made me weep. What was more annoying though was then the battery died on the phone and I had to sit and wait regards the results of the next few races. It was a fairly long two hours until news crept in that Middleton Dene and Ciceron had won. The evening races were once again wrong, although I was really impressed by Sworn Tigress in the 7.00 who with a 12lb penalty may yet go in again and of course Lille beating Liverpool!

Not had a chance to look at the cards today and being as I now want to be more focused instead of backing any runner five minutes before the start of a race I shan’t be betting. The only possible may be if I hear some advice from the boards on something, if this happens I will edit this post, gearing up to next week now so not at all concerned by the lack of punting.


~ by Administrator on March 12, 2010.

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