11th March

Had a look at today’s races and although there are a fair few I like the look of, they do look to be quite short. Then again the whole point of this isn’t to put up selections it’s more to tell my own story, so if I like them I’ll back them. End of the day I’m the only person putting money on my selections. I guess just getting a little bit peeved with recent results, but having looked at a lot of other similar blogs and tales on the internet it seems to be the way things are at the minute. It’s hard to take the emotion out of it, if your not watching a race but have a bet ongoing which happens from time to time, the first time loading up the ATR website either brings a grimace or a clenched fist. There are two things I could do, stop completely or keep grinding on analysing the form book, using information out there and backing horses I think I will win. Be a pointless blog though if I stopped betting 😉

Some good news though got a free bet from Skybet which won’t be going on Liverpool at 5/4 tonight to beat Lille. Lay of the week that one! Also worth noting Summit Meeting has been backed down to 18s for the Neptune so that little stake is looking nicer by the day, shame my punt on Quantitiveasing looks lost as he seems set for a different race. The horse I outlined for the Jewson also has been backed down from 27s on Tuesday to 17s this morning – so have a nice little overlay there also. Another funny little tale, I’ve played a fair bit of Poker online, won a few quid on Pokerstars in the past – anyhow I’ve also played the Facebook poker for a bit and found out this week that people actually buy chips for Facebook Poker which is of course not real life cash, it’s play money poker. So I’ve sold about 15 million chips for £20 which is somewhat bizzarre as I still can’t get my head around people paying for it. It does make me think though perhaps poker is still a better avenue to riches than horses!! Is it more fun though that alas is the question? A horse race takes 5 minutes usually less on the flat, A poker tournament takes 5 hours!

Back home today to the family also, must sort the house out this week. I’m going to make a solemn promise that if it’s not spotless by tuesday I shan’t be watching/betting on the Supreme Novices and I shan’t be off out on the lash on Wednesday. Only way it will get done otherwise!

  • 2.10 2PT WIN Edge of Town 2.46 Betfair
  • 2.50 1PT WIN Whooshka 4/1 Bet 365
  • 3.00 1PT WIN Cloud Nine – No Bet
  • 3.15 2PT WIN Middleton Dene – 2.4 Betfair
  • 3.35 2PT WIN Ciceron – Evens
  • 6.00 1PT E/W Stand Guard 9/1 Paddy Power
  • 8.00 1PT WIN Gallantry

Best of luck to those playing today. May have a little bet on Lille later also ..

Edit – updated with prices taken, not going to bet on the 3.00 now. I quite like Holmwood Legend in the same race so ain’t confident over Cloud Nine.


~ by Administrator on March 11, 2010.

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