Good old Paddy Power!

Yesterday was pretty miserable again, seems to be the way things are going at present, everything is gearing up to Cheltenham and anything between now and then seems to be struggling to return anything. I decided I’d drink myself to sleep yesterday morning with a bottle of wine – not the most sensible of ideas, I’ve managed to keep the headache from it, but it did mean I failed to place any more bets than the three from last night. I had several on the shortlist and all lost so that’s a positive, although one Stoop to Conquer in the 4.35 looked from what I could tell the most likely winner until it was pulled up travelling far better than anything else. I managed to get 1.71 on Black Jack Blues last night on Betfair so that actually made my day almost even, although now taking starting prices 1/4 isn’t all that worthy a tip, still they all count. The price on Jawal also contracted somewhat from the 2.96 I took to the 11/8 starting price. Exceed Power never looked like a winner from the moment it left the stall.

Couple of other things to note, Formbet on the right is a great site for anyone interested in horses, I’m going to be analysing the trends for the Jewson over the next week so I’ll hopefully find a winner from that crowd. It’s well worth a look if you’ve not been on there, loads of great information, tipping competition and Dave the man in charge is a thoroughly nice man.

Also just noticed in my inbox Paddy Power have sent me another free bet, which is nice of them, they must be really after my custom. I managed to deposit £20 last week to get a £40 free bet, needless to say the £20 lost and then I placed £40 on Italy to beat Cameroon, which finished goalless. Not too many hard luck stories as I did lay Italy on Betfair at the same time so made a slight loss – but now they’ve sent me another free bet I shall take them up on it.

I’ll post up any tips for tomorrow later on.


~ by Administrator on March 8, 2010.

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