5th March

Okay on with the show, I’ve updated the data until yesterday’s selections – March has started quite well despite the disastrous start to the month on Monday. The last three days have seen a nice selection come home including Marodima again at 9/2 early price and then yesterday Love Delta at 9/4 what with two shorties on Tuesday the current profit for the month stands at (+3.35).

I will say I have had some other bets but these haven’t come out so well and personally the last week has been something of an eye opener, I still have the old age problem of chasing losses instead of looking long term and I’ve also made a few gaffes messing around with the in running market on Betfair. I’m a little bit apprehensive about using Betfair to be honest as although the prices are better the 5% reduction, lack of Best Offer Guaranteed and general nightmarish panic if I’m online and playing in running have caused some distress. I could tell a few more tales of the odd US horse racing, Greyhound bet but that’s best left for another day, to sum up though I need to stick to my selections on here and not play with anything else or otherwise I’ll be playing with make believe pounds 🙂

On to today’s cards and there’s quite a few I like the look of, I was also tempted to stick a few lays into the proceedings namely Super Kenny in the 2.10 and Sound Stage in the 3.55. Alas I’ve not placed these so no doubt they will falter and fail miserably – there is one at Wolves later which I may stick up as a lay.

  • 2.25 1PT WIN Wrighty Almighty 5/1 (Not taken price yet) – I feel Ravi River ought to win here but it’s stepping up in trip and has the most weight to carry. This one has a sniff at a decent price currently around 7/1 on Betfair. – Update on this 2 non runners now so it’s a 7 horse race which is a pain in the neck. I’ve therefore just placed a 1PT WIN on it at 5/1
  • 3.00 1PT E/W Premium Charge (Not taken price yet) – Update taken 6/1 Each Way.
  • 3.10 3PT WIN Alegralil 4/5 – I’d expect this to go off shorter hence why I’ve taken 4/5
  • 3.30 1PT E/W Fromsong 14/1
  • 4.20 1PT WIN La Sarrazine 6/4
  • 4.55 1PT E/W Professor Higgins 6/1
  • 5.35 1PT WIN Desperate Dan 2/1

May have a few more later depending obviously on how these get on. I’ll update with prices on the two each way shouts when I’ve placed the bet.

I notice Canni Thinkaar trotted up at Folkestone the other day, missed that trick typically!


~ by Administrator on March 5, 2010.

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