March is here

Apologies for the day’s break, had other things on over Sunday so although I had a few bets didn’t get a chance to post these up. I’ve updated the total for February which returned a 5.8 Point Profit. Helped in part to a nice 6/1 winner Star Galaxy on Saturday and a short treble hitting the zone. I have however decided that trebles are not the way forward having evaluated results over the past month.

Will update later with today’s selections and of course a new month!

Okay here we go with today’s bets.

  • Rince Donn 2.50 – 1PT WIN 2/1
  • Boo 3.10 – 1PT E/W 9/1
  • Akarshan 4.00 – 1PT WIN 4/1
  • Juicy Pear 4.10 – 2PT WIN – Evens
  • Newbay Bob 4.20 – 1PT WIN – 5/2
  • Gumnd 4.40 – 2PT WIN – 5/6
  • Gentle Caribou 4.50 – 1PT WIN 5/2

~ by Administrator on March 1, 2010.

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