Marodima!! Wahoo ..

So yesterday’s results on the whole pretty good.

5PTS staked with Hidden Keel hanging onto an 85/40 win and Marodima traipsing in by only 30 lengths for a 15/2 shot – does wonders that for the scores.

Staked 5 PTS – Return 11.6PTS – Profit 6.6 PTS

Always tastes nicer a bit of profit.

I’ve decided to lay off again on Madison du Berlais, I’ve given myself a free bet on the horse but would rather look at things in more decisive terms before backing it with conviction. Alas I backed it at 12.5 and laid at 10, so that’s handy. I’ve also laid off again on Summit Meeting mainly because all I was waiting for was the price to drop – the Neptune looks an extremely hot race. I’ve now got a nice sum on Summit Meeting in the green and a little which I can then place on a horse nearer the time which I feel more confident on.

I guess using Betfair it’s just getting the hang of things – after all I am no expert and don’t pretend to be!!

I’ll put up tomorrow’s bets later after I’ve had a look at the cards. In the meantime caption competition – I reckon Kauto’s saying “You’ve got no chance big man give up now!”


~ by Administrator on February 24, 2010.

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